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Steps for Registration
  1. Fill out the Registration Form and submit it.
  2. You'll receive an Activation Code by e-mail.
  3. Go to the Activation Page and enter your Activation Code.
  4. You'll receive a second email with the password for your new registered FICS account.
Please note:
  • These instructions apply to personal accounts only. If you want to have your computer engine play on FICS, you will need to follow different guidelines.
  • Certain ISPs treat email coming from FICS as spam. AOL is one of these. You may have to check your spam folder for activation codes and/or passwords.
Why Register?
Registration will allow you to use some facilities on FICS which aren't available to unregistered users. These include:
  • Choose your own unique username (handle) for use on FICS
  • Receive a rating.
  • Save information between logins.
  • Use commands like shout.
  • Play in tournaments.
  • Save games for later analysis.
  • Have your games annotated by the FICS Teaching Ladder reviewers.

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Server Policies
FICS is free and available to players of all ages, regardless of gender, race, nationality, or religion. FICS is a friendly server, and everyone is welcome to come and play on FICS. Please avoid acting in any manner that can be seen as offensive to anyone. Bad behavior will not be tolerated. Guidelines on what is expected from players can be found in our help abuse file.
Please take a moment to read it. We remind you that this file provides only general guidelines. FICS Administrators reserve the right to deny access to the server and can revoke certain server privileges.
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