FICS - Free Internet Chess Server
Contact FICS Staff
Several different email addresses are available to contact our staff.

Generic requests for help, including lost passwords, connection problems etc. should be addressed to The email will be automatically forwarded to a list of helpers, and a reply is usually sent within the hour. If you are in need of technical support please include in the email which operating system you are using, and which interface you use to connect to FICS. If you are a registered user please also include your handle.

If you think you have found a bug in the server please inform us at

If you want to have a link to your site in our links pages, or require any other information about the webpage, including error reports and suggestions, please email us at

Special queries about the server, other than generic help, should be sent to one of the following: To contact FICS Head Administrator To contact the abuse committe To report unauthorized computer accounts. FICS Head Tournament Manager. To submit games to the FICS Teaching Ladder To apply for a computer account.
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