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Computers may register and play rated chess matches. However, computers
playing rated games are required to be registered so that users can know
whether they are playing against humans or computers. Being connected with a
computer on an account not registered as a computer is considered to be
abusive behavior and will result in sanctions. This does not apply to guest
accounts, which can freely be used to test computers.

For information about how to register a computer, read help computer_app.

To see a list of computers registered on the server, type "=computer".
Details about these accounts are given in help computer_list. Computers are
designated on "who" lists by (C).


 o Server admins reserve the right to limit the number of computer accounts
   registered on the server and may seek to ensure a wide range of playing
   strength of these accounts. Once an application is granted, you may not
   change the terms of the granted account without re-applying with the new
   parameters. You may not change engine, play new time controls or variants
   that were not approved, nor make changes that would significantly alter
   the engine's strenght. When in doubt, contact Computers.

 o Computer accounts that want to be open for challenges for variants need to
   set the appropriate i-variable on login. For example, "iset suicide 1"
   will allow a computer to accept suicide requests for the duration of its
   login. To list all possible i-variables, type "ivars <user>". Certain wild
   setups are acceptable by default. For wild/fr, the fr i-variable needs to
   be on. For wild setups that allow castling other than the usual
   e1-g1/e1-c1, the wildcastle i-variable needs to be on. Keep in mind
   i-variables are reset each login.

 o Computer accounts may only play in mamer tournaments that are explicity
   announced to be open to computers when the tournament is opened. Joining a
   tourney with a computer account when it was not authorized may result in
   an immediate ban from tourneys. Joining a tournament with an authorized
   computer account can also result in a tournament ban. Joining a tournament
   without complying first with rule (a) and (e) will result in an instant
   forfeiture, as well as other possible tournament sanctions.

 o If computer account is not used for more than 6 months it may be removed
   WITHOUT any warning. We want the computers on the server to be active.

 o Computers should always keep information about hardware/software in finger
   notes. This must include (at a minimum): the handle of the owner of the
   computer account, the type of machine it is being run on, and the name of
   the engine that is being used on the account. Providing this information
   is mandatory, and not having it in your computer's finger notes may result
   in a loss of the account.

 o Rated games between a computer account and its operator or an other
   computer (or any other) account owned by the same operator are NOT
   allowed. Play your computer unrated only if you want to test it. The same
   applies in bughouse with your computer as partner. The only except to this
   rule is if the games occur within a mamer tournament.

 o Abuse of any kind by either the owner or the computer account itself may
   result in the removal of the account in addition to other sanctions. Using
   a computer account to get around any sanction on your human account will
   result the banning of the computer account. The use of an extra account is
   a priviledge that may be denied to any abusive user. Computer account
   applications may be denied indefinitely on the basis of abuse by the human
   account, even if there is no current sanction applied to it.


computer_app computer_list


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Last Modified: 27 February 2008 mhill

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