May 2002
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Mamer Online Tours Service

Beginning last December, there was an expansion of service for the OnlineTours. The Mamer OnlineTour is presented on a daily basis, except Sundays, server time. The scheduled times (all server time) are
  • 18:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and
  • 09:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

    The OnlineTours are presented in channel 7. To participate in the OnlineTours, all you have to do is type +ch 7.

    Tournament Managers(TM) will be conducting these Online Tours, showcasing Mamer, the bot used on FICS to run tournaments. There are opportunities during these OnlineTours for players to ask questions about Mamer, or about tournaments in general. You can do this by typing tell 7 I have a question, and then asking your question(s).

    The other Online Tours, Communication and Match/Seek game, still have their regular times:

     Tour  Weekday  Server Time
     The Communication Tour  Sunday  04:00
     The Match/Seek Game Tour  Tuesday  11:00
     The Communication Tour  Thursday  19:00
     The Match/Seek Game Tour  Saturday  17:00

    Server Time is Pacific, ie GMT -8.

    As with the other Tours, which require an SR or admin, you can request a Mamer OnlineTour at any time. The TM will check just to make sure a scheduled Online Tour is not upcoming within an hour or so.

    We look forward to serving your needs with these Online Tours. If you have topics that might need coverage within these Online Tours, please feel free to contact Chessty or GBate.

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