May 2002
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The FICS SR Team

FICS Tournaments

  Nightly 5 0 Tournament Series
The tourney runs every day at 7pm server time. To join the nightly,
  • Be online at 19:00 server time
  • Make sure you have mam set tourneyinfo on. Mamer tournament announcements require this
  • Type mam j # where # is the number of the tourney. This will be announced numerous times before the tournament starts, until the last round where players can join the tournament
    Mamer will issue instructions on how to start your games from there on. You can view the standings, and see how you measure up here.
    Statistics for the Nightly Tournament are maintained by wysknight(TM). So log in and join the fun.
  •   King of the Hill (KOTH)
    Ever wondered what this KOTH is all about? Well, wonder no more.

    KOTH is short for King of the Hill, a silly game played by kids the world over. Our version involves chess, of course. You claim to be king of the hill, and its up to every one else to take your crown.
  • To see the currently available "Kings", type mam lk
  • To have mamer keep you up to date on koth activity, type mam set kothinfo
  • To claim an empty throne, type mam claimthrone
  • Finally, to challenge a current king, type mam matchking
    Type mam help koth for a list of the rules. Why not give it a go?
  •   Tornei Italian Online (TIO)
    The FICS Tornei Italian Online (TIO) tourney is played on our server every Wednesday promptly at 13:15 server time (US Pacific). Don't be fooled by its name; this tournament is open to everyone. For more information please check out the TIO's Webpage. A collection of games played in the TIO's is also available.
      Weekly Mamer Schedule
    The mamer scheduled tournaments for the month of April are:

    Week Day Time Format manager
    Nightly 19:00 5 0, SS/5 STAFF
    Sunday 11:15 45 5, Din/3 SuperIntellect
    Monday 09:30 10 0, SS/3-5 Giampy
    Tuesday 04:00 3 0 sui, SS/3 Fiver
    Tuesday 15:00 30 0, Din/3 STAFF
    Wednesday 09:15 4 0, SS/3-5 Marshallman
    Wednesday 13:15 (TI0) 4 0, SS/7 frengo
    Wednesday 17:00 20 0, SS/3 Superintellect
    Thursday 15:00 15 0, SS/3-5 STAFF
    Friday 14:00 3 0, SS/3-6 STAFF
    Friday 18:00 3 0 zh, SS/5 GoAstros
    Saturday 08:00 5 0 sui, SS/5 Gbate
    Saturday 09:00 20 5, SS/3-4 GBate
    Saturday 13:00 5 0, SS/3 Computers Only GBate
    TBA = To Be Announced
    Time is Server Time (GMT-8)

  • Nightly for information on the Nightly tournament,
  • frengo for the TIO,
  • SOStourney for the Saturday Suicide event,
  • Crazy for the Friday Crazyhouse tournament, and
  • Fiver for the Tuesday Suicide series.

    If you want a tourney that is not scheduled, you can ask in Channel 49 any time. For example, if you wish to play in a 3 0 rated tournament type: tell 49 a 3 0 r tournament, please. If you don't want to make a channel tell, you can find out which TMs are online by typing inch 48. Then, send one of them a private tell like the one above to request your tournament.

    If you are new to mamer and want more help, just type mam help player_guide or ask your question in Channel 49. There should be plenty of friendly people around to help you.

    We'll see you in Channel 49.

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