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GM Georgiev - CraftyNovus
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FICS will host another great chess event when GM Kiril Georgiev will face CraftyNovus live on FICS. GM Peter Kiriakov will provide live commentary to the games.

Game 1: Saturday - February 3rd, 2007 at 2 pm GMT
Game 2: Sunday - February 4th, 2007 at 2 pm GMT

  1 2 Score
Georgiev = 1 1.5
CraftyNovus = 0 0.5
Download the games in pgn format.
The Players.
GM Kiril Georgiev
Kiril Georgiev was born in Petrich Bulgaria on November 28th, 1965. In 1983 he became International Master and won the World Junior Championship. He achieved the Grandmaster title two years later, in 1985.
In the early part of his career he was triumphant several times, including Sarajevo 1986, San Bernardino 1988, Elenite 1993 and 1995, the Budapest 1993 zonal and Belgrade 2000. Over past few years he was first in Sarajevo 2001 ahead of Topalov, joint winner in Gibraltar 2005 ahead of Aronian and Shirov, and in Gibraltar 2006 with an astonishing 8.5/10 ahead of Short, Sutovsky and Shirov.
GM Georgiev was Bulgarian champion in 1984, 1986 and 1989 and won bronze medal at the 7th European Championship in 2006. His current rating is 2661 (with an highest rating of 2695) which ranks him number 44 in the world.
CraftyNovus v20.12.rj7 is a modified version of the world famous crafty chess engine owned by FICS very own robertj. During the match the hardware available for CraftNovus will be:
  • 2 x Intel P4 Xeon 5140 2.33GHz (woodcrest) Dual Core Processors machine (4 cpus).
  • Motherboard Supermicro X7DB8 (5000P chipset).
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.
Access to the machine will be achieved via Rent IT's fibre link. The machine will be located in the Rent IT company building in Aberdeen, Scotland, with all action taken place remotely
v20.12.r7 is an evolution of Crafty v20.12 with the following modifications:
  • added EL of AEL pruning and quiescence futility pruning as suggested in Ernst A Heinz, Scalable Search in Computer Chess;
  • used Heinz's criteria in A of AEL pruning;
  • added "Rybka's evaluation extension" i.e. some extension and fine tuning of chess knowledge.
CraftyNovus will use:
  • an opening book, built from Hyatt's and Corbit's joint game database (containing 2,519,478 games), with 342,768 unique positions. The crafty book.bin file is 6.78 MB.
  • 3, 4 and 5-piece endgame Nalimov tablebases, for a total of 7.05 GB;
It will be set to use:
  • 1,536 MB for the transposition/refutation hash table, and
  • 256 MB for the pawn structure/king safety hash table.
The corresponding crafty settings are hash=1536M, hashp=256M, cache=8M.
Crafty estimated FIDE rating when running on a Xeon machine is 2580. CraftyNovus will search more than 10 millions positions per second during the match.

The Sponsors. is a long-time FICS partner, having sponsored several events including the FICS 11th Anniversary celebrations and the relay of the Kramnik - Topalov match.

Rent IT
Rent IT is an Aberdeen based company. It is well known for designing and building high end computer systems for the animation, graphics and CAD market

Robert Jurjevic
Robert has been a FICS member for several years now with the handle robertj. He is the author of SurveyBot and maintainer of CraftyNovus. Robert was born in Croatia in 1962 and currently lives in England where he works as a software engineer. This is not the first Grandmaster vs. Computer events he organizes on FICS, as he has previously sponsored two matches between GM Gadir Guseinov and CraftyNovus.
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