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Useful Chess sites
  1. 1st Croatian Home Page
  2. 100 US Open Home page
  3. 555 Games
  4. Alabama Chess Federation
  5. Ajedrez en Mar del Plata
  6. Aleksander Vaysman homepage
  7. Altmax Chess Race
  8. Amateur Chess Organization
  9. Arboga Schackklubb (in swedish)
  10. Arena Web Page
  11. Auckland Chess Centre
  12. Australien Open Chess Championship 1999
  13. Be wise chess sets
  14. Bishop, A Chess Variant
  15. Bad Bishops Chess Club
  16. Brindisi Chess Club
  17. Boxhead's Game World
  18. Braille Chess Association The Braille Chess Association aims to bring blind and partially sighted chess players together to compete with one another in tournaments organised by us and the IBCA. British Chess Federation (BCF)
  19. Bruno's Chess Problem Of The Day:
  20. Brussels chess club
  21. Buffalo chess club
  23. Bughouse in Europe
  24. Burlingame Chess Club
  25. Bury Knights Junior Chess Club - BKJCC
  26. Caissa Cafe
  27. Charleston Chess Club
  28. ChessBase USA
  29. Chess Battle
  30. Chess Cafe
  31. ChessCentral
  33. Chess City
  34. Chess Clocks
  35. Chess Corner
  36. Chess DatabaseThis chess database (containing 37,000,000 chess positions out of 500,000 games and 700,000 computer analyses) annotates your chess game or position with reference games, sorted by strength of players. Within few moments, your annotated game or position is available for download.
  37. Chess Digest, Inc
  38. Chessnia
  39. Chess Department Store "Le due Torri"
  40. Chess for juniors
  41. Chess Geek
  42. Chess Here
  43. Chess Junior
  44. Chessking
  45. Chesslab Java interactive chess-board with a 2 million games database
  46. Chessland The comprehensive chess resource : chess tutorial, chess books + software reviews and discussion forum
  47. Chesmayne Chess Dictionary
  48. Chess and News
  49. Chess Books Online
  50. Chess Piece
  51. Chess Mail: Play correspondence Game online
  53. Chess: play or learn
  54. Chess Publishing, The Chess Opening theory site
  55. Chess Sets
  56. Chess Software
  57. Chess Store
  58. Chess Training
  59. Chess Universe
  60. Chess Visualization Training Online step-by-step exercises which help you to increase your chess visualisation. It's FREE!
  61. Common sense in chess ratings
  62. Club de Ajedrez Los Carteros
  63. Computer Chess Depot
  64. Computer chess programming
  65. Concrete Classics Outdoor Concrete Chess and Backgammon Tables
  66. Connecticut Chess Magazine
  67. DGT Projects
  68. Detroit City Chess Club
  69. DigiChess: play chess online against the computer
  70. Directory Game Online game directory with categorized, searchable listings of online game sites
  71. Ed's ever-growing chess page
  72. The Entertaining game of chess
  73. Escac Includes FICS-help in Catalan!
  74. Il giornale per chi ama gli scacchi (in italian).
  75. Everyman Chess
  76. Exeter Chess Club
  77. Chess Interfaces A review of Chess Interfaces available for linux
  78. FICGS - Correspondence Chess and Go server
  79. Frank's Chess Page
  80. Frank's Chess Forum
  81. Free Blubbie Chess Server Play against a computer at a simple level.
  82. FREE Online Flash Games Play Thousands of Online Flash Games like PACMAN, Street Fighter, Sonic, Tetris for FREE.
  83. Freebie Land
  85. Games/Devilins fan club
  86. Garden Chess
  87. Gameknot
  88. Homepage of SV Drienerlo (Enschede, NL)
  89. Hull & District Chess Association
  90. Hurricane Chess Homepage
  91. Illinois Scholastic Chess
  92. Innovative Chess Sets
  93. Chess Baron USA
  94. Inside Chess
  95. Internet Chess in french
  96. Internet Collegiate Chess League
  97. Just Chess!
  98. Karlstads chess club
  99. Karlskrona Schackvanner
  100. Kid Chess!
  101. KenChess KenChess is a chess database and correspondence chess utility
  102. King's Revenge King's revenge is an arcade strategy game for Win98,ME,2000, and XP. Think of it as a fusion of a mediaeval adventure, a puzzle game, an action game, and a chess variant strategy game.
  103. The League of Extraordinary Chess Players
  104. - browse the Keyword Map of
  105. Marco's free chess course for kids
  106. Marek Trokenheim's 1.b4 pages
  107. Metropolitan Chess Club
  108. Midwest Chess Academy
  109. Mining Co Guide to chess
  110. My Chess Set For Unique Chess Set and Chess Components. A wide range in selection for chess pieces, chess boards, and chess sets at a competitive price.
  111. Natalia Pogonina (WGM) Official website
  112. New In Chess
  113. Newcastle Chess Club
  114. Norfolk County Chess Association
  115. North Gwent Chess Club
  116. Free MMORPG Games
  117. Old Town Staunton
  118. Online Chess Quotes
  119. Play a Game of Chess Day Greeting Cards
  120. Portsmouth Chess Club
  121. RecentPGN Over 3000 high quality recent games at a reasonable price.
  122. Reinassance Knights
  123. Rushden Chess Club
  124. Scacchi Sora
  125. Scalise Chess Page
  126. Schacknyheter
  127. SchemingMind - Online Correspondence Chess Club
  128. SICS Homepage (long time to get in, big images)
  129. Southampton Chess Club
  130. Southeast Iowa and Western Illinois tournament info.
  131. Spectropolis
  132. Startchess
  133. The STC BUNCH Homepage
  134. Steve Pribut's chess page with the FAQ of and, news, other links.
  135. The Best Chess Tables
  137. The best Links about Internet- and Computerchess in the Web In German
  138. The Bobby Fischer HomePage
  139. TimeWaster Arcade
  140. Tønsberg Schakklubb
  141. University of Pennsylvania Chess Club
  142. University of Pittsburgh Chess Club
  143. UrbanChes
  144. USCF
  145. Victoria's chess clubs
  146. Video Chess Coach
  147. Vincent's Chessproblems Page
  148. Wholesale resources
  149. WKU chess Club
  150. W ith a Chess Page of Loek Bronsdijk
  151. World Chess Links
  152. World Internet Progressive Chess Championship '98
  153. XChess6
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