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  Timeseal is a program that has been developed to improve chess on internet.
Netlag often causes players to lose valuable seconds or even minutes on their
chess clocks.  Transmission time is counted against you, unless the chess 
server can tell exactly when information is transmitted.  The timeseal program 
acts as a relay station and keeps track of transmission times.  What timeseal 
does is record your thinking time, so that transmission time is not counted 
against you.  Timeseal will not prevent netlag but it makes the games fairer 
when lag occurs.  (For other ways to handle the impacts of lag, read "help 


  Some interfaces have timeseal built into them; examples are Fixation (finger
Adum) and PowerICS (finger Kossy) for Macintosh systems, WinBoard versions
3.6.0 and higher (finger Mann) for Windows 95 and Windows NT, and CClient
(finger Plotinus).  To use these programs, make timeseal active before you
logon to the chess server.  Finger the program authors for up-to-date
information on their interfaces.

  Other users must get a version of timeseal working on the computer that 
connects to the chess server.  In most cases, you must run timeseal on the 
computer host that links you to the chess server.  The version of timeseal you 
need will depend on the operating system used by your host computer.  You will 
need to identify which version you need, download it and make it ready for 
use.  Because computer operating systems differ, there are different versions 
of timeseal.

  For further details, see the separate help file for your operating system. 
There are separate files currently for Macintosh, Windows and Unix systems:

    help timeseal_mac
    help timeseal_os2
    help timeseal_unix
    help timeseal_windows

Others will be added as they become available.

See Also:  chan_1  ftp_hints  interface  lag 

[Written by Hawk, August 15, 1995; last modified: May 15, 1998 -- Friar]

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