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Usage: style n

  Sets your 'style' variable to n.  Equivalent to "set style n".  This command
allows you to choose among the various board display options.
 1.   Standard ICS board in ascii format (default)
 2.   USA-Today Sports Center-style board
 3.   Experimental vt-100 ANSI board for dark backgrounds
 4.   Experimental vt-100 ANSI board for light backgrounds
 5.   Style suggested by
 6.   Email Board suggested by Thomas Fought (
 7.   Miniature board
 8.   ICS interface maker board -- raw data dump
 9.   last 2 moves only (previous non-verbose mode)
10.   Alternate raw dump
11.   Same as 8, but with verbose moves ("P/e3-e4", instead of "e4")
12.   Similar to style 10  [see "help style12" for details on this style]
13.   Displays board in color for SGI machines -- white versus purple pieces
      with purple and black squares (for b/w monitors it would display as bold
      and regular).

  Some graphics interfaces work only with specific board styles.  Determine
which one is best for your set up.

  Suggestions on different styles are always welcome.

See Also:  interfaces  style12  variables  v_style

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