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Usage:  play [#num | handle]

  The "play" command is how you respond to a user's ad for a chess match.  You
can select an ad either by its ad number ("index number") or by the handle of
the user who placed the ad.  For example, if the ad were displayed as:
    4  1563 TheDane     2   8 unrated blitz       0-9999
you could respond to the ad by typing either (a) "play 4" or (b) "play

  When you respond to an ad, a check is made that your rating is in the range
specified by the ad.  If the ad asks for a formula check, the user's formula
is also examined.  If you meet these criteria, your response is forwarded to
the user who placed the ad.

  If the ad calls for auto start, the game begins at once.  If the ad calls
for a manual start, the other user will be notified that you are challenging
him/her to a match; he/she then can accept or decline your offer to play that

Special Notes:

(a) If you respond to an an ad and you receive the message "Bad index given;
no such ad." it probably means that the ad has been removed, either by
'unseek' or by starting a match.

(b) If you are on the other user's 'noplay' list, your 'play' request will be
rejected automatically.

(c) (C)omputer accounts cannot accept seeks.

See also:  match  noplay  seek  sought  unseek

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