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Usage: password oldpassword newpassword 

  Changes your current password on the chess server ("oldpassword") to a new
password "newpassword".  For security reasons, it is better to have a password
of at least 5 letters, and _not_ to use a simple word.  Example:

    password jhsctm univctm

would change your password from the old one of "jhsctm" to the new one of

  If what you give for "oldpassword" is incorrect, no changes will be made.

SPECIAL NOTE regarding lost/forgotten passwords:

(a) If you have forgotten or lost your password, contact an admin online.  In
order to confirm the owner of the account and set a new password for you.  The
admin will want to know your (a) handle, (b) full human name, and (c) email
address.  Give the admin this information in a private tell, *not* over a
channel, for security reasons.

See also:  admin  tell

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