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Usage: +|-|= noplay [user]

  When a player is on your noplay list, all match requests from that player
will be declined automatically.  Here are the variations of the command

    +noplay user     Add "user" to noplay list
    -noplay user     Remove "user" from noplay list
    =noplay          Display your noplay list

  "Censor" will also filter a user's match requests.  Use a formula to filter
match requests of particular types.

  Your noplay list is private and cannot be read by other users.

Special Note:

(a) +noplay will not apply to match challenges among users in mamer
tournaments, but it *does* apply to the 'play' command when responding to seek

See Also:  addlist  censor  formula  mamer  play  seek

[Last modified: March 2, 1998 -- Friar]

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