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  There are several commands you could use for communicating with other users. 
Here is a list, followed by some comparisons.

    command      function
    --------     --------------------------------------------
    +channel     Listen to tells sent to a given channel (-channel to leave a
    cshout       Talk to all users who are open to cshouts; message must be
                 about chess
    it           Special kind of shout
    kibitz       Talk to all players and observers of a specific chess game
    message      Send a user a message to be stored, even if the user is not
                 logged on at that time
    ptell        Talk to your bughouse partner
    say          Talk to the user you are playing chess with (or have just
                 played a game with)
    shout        Talk to all users who are open to shouts
    tell         Talk to one user, or users on one channel
    whisper      Talk to all observers of a specific chess game
    xkibitz      A special form of kibitz
    xtell        Talk to one user (or channel), but allow for a continuing
                 conversation with another user (or channel)
    xwhisper     A special form of whisper

  In general, "message" works like an answering machine, " ptell", "tell" and
"say" are like normal one-to-one conversations, "shout", "cshout", "it" and
"tell <channel>" are for group talks, and "kibitz" and "whisper" are for
commenting on a chess match you are observing.  Channel 1 is the server help
channel (see the chan_1 help file).


  In general, you will receive every message sent to all users, to users on
channels you are listening to, and to you personally.  However, you can decide
not to be open to certain kinds of communications.  The "shout" and "tell"
variables can be set to limit what you will hear (read the intro_settings help
file).  You can also decide not to hear anything from a given user (the
"censor" command) or not to hear kibitzes (see "help v_kibitz", and "help
v_kiblevel" for these variable settings).

  The "message" command is used to send a message to a user and have it
stored.  This command can also be used to read (and re-read) old messages that
have been sent to you as well as old messages you have sent to other users. 
The "clear" command is used to erase old messages you have received.


(a)  At times, a lot of messages from various users will come across your
screen.  To help you notice when a user has sent a message or request to you
personally (rather than to all users on the server), you can set the highlight
variable to to make them readily apparent (see highlight).

(b)  Unregistered users (guests) are limited to the "tell" and "xtell"

(c)  Please observe chess server etiquette guidelines when using these

See Also:  chan_1  etiquette  highlight  intro_playing  intro_settings 
shout_abuse  variables  v_tell  [and the individual commands of course]

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