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  This chess server's main purpose is to link users who want to play chess. 
Among other things, the server allows you to contact other users about playing
chess matches, checks to make sure that your moves are legal, keeps track of
the board position while you play, and updates ratings of players after the


  There are several ways to locate an opponent.  (a) To see who is available
for a match, type "who a" or its alias "players" ("p" for short).  (b) You use
a cshout to say "I would like to play a game of type ... ."  (c) You can place
an ad using the "seek" command.  You can also read the ads of other users;
read "help sought" for details.


  The basic way of contacting a user about playing a chess match is by using
the match command.  There is a separate help file for the match command, so we
will not go into details here.  But here is the simplest way to ask another
user for a match:

  match user_name

The other user will be asked to accept or decline your match request.  If the
user accepts, the server will determine who plays White and Black and will
notify you that a match has begun with that user.  The starting position will
be sent to you, and play will begin.  Similarly, you may be challenged to a
chess match, which you may then accept or decline.


  During a chess match, you and your opponent will moves the pieces on the
board and also issue various commands or requests.  The help file
"intro_moving" explains how to move the pieces on the board.  Here is a list
of other commands and requests you may need to use during a match (remember
that requests are sent to your opponent, not to the server, and must be
accepted by your opponent in order to occur):

    command      function
    -------      --------------------------------------------
    abort        request that a game be canceled
    adjourn      request that the match be stopped, saved and continued at
                 another time
    draw         request that the chess match be declared a draw
    flag         end the match because your opponent is out of time
    moves        have FICS send you the moves to the match you are playing
    pause        request that the match be suspended temporarily, but not
    promote      set the kind of piece a pawn will be promoted to when it 
                 reaches the back rank
    refresh      display the current board position
    resign       give your opponent the win, and end the match
    say          communicate with your current (last) opponent
    switch       request that you and your opponent change sides (colors)
    takeback     request that one or move moves be taken back (canceled)
    unpause      request that a paused match be resumed
    withdraw     cancel a request you have made

  It is possible to play matches with more than one user simultaneously, much
like a simultaneous exhibition at many major chess tournaments.  If you are
interested in playing more than one chess game at once, or interested in
playing against someone with simultaneous matches, read the "simuls" file.

See Also:  accept  adjournments  decline  intro_moving  match  pending  seek 
simuls  sought  [and the individual commands]

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