FICS - Free Internet Chess Server
8708 31ST Ave N
New Hope
Mn 55427


  Here are basic commands and procedures for new users on this server.

In order to ...                                  Type ...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Get assistance or an answer to a question        [Step 1]   +chan 1
                                                 [Step 2]   tell 1 <text>
Turn shouts off                                  set shout 0
Read a help file                                 help file_name
Select an appropriate graphics interface         help interfaces
Download a graphics interface                    help ftp_hints
Talk to just one individual                      tell user_name <text>
Challenge a user to a chess match                match user_name

See Also (these other help files):  adm_info  chan_1  help  index  
intro_welcome  intro_talking

[Last modified: August 18, 1996 -- Friar]

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