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Usage: history [user]

  Shows the results of the last 10 or so games that 'user' played.  If no
user handle is specified, your history will be displayed to you.  There are
columns in the history display for the players and their ratings (as
adjusted by the result of the match), the winner, the type of match
(blitz/standard, rated/unrated), the type of opening and the date.


  Here is the history header, a sample line from User 1's history file, and an
explanation of this line:

                  Opponent    Type         ECO End Date
23: + 1681 W 1521 User 2      [ br  2  12] A84 Res Fri Apr 21 06:29:12 1995

    23 -- Game number in User 1's history
     + -- User 1's result; '+' means Won; '-' means Lost; '=' means Draw.
  1681 -- User 1's revised rating given the result
     W -- User 1's color in the match
  1521 -- User 2's revised rating given the result
    br -- Category of game -- 'b' Blitz; 'B' bughouse; 'l' Lightning;
              'n' Nonstandard times; 's' Standard; 'S' Suicide Chess;
              'u' Untimed; 'w' Wild
          Rated/unrated --'r' Rated; 'u' Unrated
          Private -- a 'p' in front of these codes would mean a Private match
  2 12 -- The time controls for the match
   ECO -- The ECO (Encyclopedia of Chess Openings) classification of the
          opening moves of the match
   Res -- How the match ended;
         'Adj' for result was Adjudicated
         'Agr' for Agreed to a draw
         'Dis' for forfeit due to Disconnection
         'Fla' for Flag, or time forfeit
         'Mat' for Mate
         'NM' for Neither player has Material for delivering mate
         'Rep' for three-time Repetiion of position (same player to move)
         'Res' for Resignation
         'TM' for one player has only a king and the player has no time
         'WLM' in Suicide Chess when you win for having less material
         'WNM' in Suicide Chess when you win by losing all of your pieces
         '50' for draw resulted by 50-move rule
The date and time of the match are also given.

  Here is how to read this example: User1 (playing White; blitz rating now
1681) Won (+) against User2 (blitz rating now 1521) in a rated (r) blitz (b)
match using the time controls of 2 minutes to start and 12 second increments
on Friday April 21, 1995, at 06:29 hours when User 2 resigned (Res); the type
of opening (ECO) was A84.


(a) ECO will not be given for games that are "private" (see the variables help

(b) Games in history can be examined as well as placed in journals.

(c) The system alias for 'history' is "hi".

See Also:  adjudication  alias  blitz  bughouse  eco  examine  flag  games 
journal  jsave  lightning  match  ratings  standard  suicide_chess  untimed 
variables  wild

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