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Usage: draw [move]

  Claims an immediate draw if you are entitled to one; otherwise offers your
opponent a draw by agreement.

  If either the 50 move rule or 3 times repetition rule applies to the current
position, the draw command claims a draw.  In this case the game ends
immediately.  If you include a move in the command, the server makes the move
before checking for a draw.  This is the same as giving the move and "draw" as
separate commands, except it ensures that your opponent doesn't have a chance
to move out of the drawn position before you claim it.

  If your opponent has offered you a draw by agreement, the draw command
accepts the draw and the game ends immediately.  You can also accept with the
accept command, decline with the decline command, or decline by making a move.

  Otherwise, the draw command offers your opponent a draw by agreement.

  In chess, a draw means that you neither win nor lose your game; it
is a tie.  If the game is rated, ratings will be affected.

See also: accept  decline

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