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Usage: +|-|= censor [user]

  When a player is on your censor list, you will not hear anything from
him/her when he/she uses a tell, shout, cshout, match, kibitz, whisper,
say or message. Tells to you as individual and tells to a channel are both
affected. Since match commands are also filtered, players on your censor
list cannot challenge you to a game of chess. Lastly, messages from a player
on your censor list will also be rejected.

  When users on your censor list send you a direct message using "tell", or
an indirect message using "message", they will be notified of their being
on your censor list.  Your censor list is otherwise private and cannot be
read by other users.

  Here are the variations of the command possible:

    +censor user     Add "user" to censor list
    -censor user     Remove "user" from censor list
    =censor          Display your censor list

  The "noplay" list will also filter match requests but will not filter other


(a) +censor does not apply to match challenges among users in mamer tourneys.

See Also:  addlist  cshout  kibitz  mamer  noplay  say  shout  sublist  tell 

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