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Usage: assess [game_# | [user1] [user2] [/l|/b|/s|/S|/w|/z|/B|/L|/x]]

The "assess" command displays the effect on ratings by the possible outcomes
of a chess match.


assess: Without parameters, assess the game you are currently playing.
game_#: Displays the possible results of a game being played.
user1:  If user1 is not specified, it assumed to be you.
user2:  Displayse the possible results of a game between 'user1' and 'user2'


You can limit the output to particular game type with the following flags.

/l: Show the results for lightning
/b: Show the results for blitz
/s: Show the results for standard
/S: Show the results for suicide
/w: Show the results for wild
/z: Show the results for crazyhouse
/B: Show the results for bughouse
/L: Show the results for losers
/x: Show the results for atomic


Here is a sample display for "assess MAd volcano"

 Blitz Standard 
 MAd volcano MAd volcano 
 (1596 RD 33.1) (1629 RD 78.8) (1611 RD 270.9) (1780 RD 87.1) 
 Win: 9 -19 201 -22 
 Draw: 1 -2 61 -6 
 Loss: -7 15 -79 10 
New RD: 32.9 76.9 224.4 85.7 

 Lightning Wild 
 MAd volcano MAd volcano 
 (1633 RD 350.0) (1784 RD 87.8) (---- RD 350.0) (1956 RD 116.2) 
 Win: 264 -19 2041 -36 
 Draw: 75 -4 1836 -11 
 Loss: -114 10 1630 14 
New RD: 261.3 86.6 275.8 113.8 

 Crazyhouse Suicide 
 MAd volcano MAd volcano 
 (---- RD 350.0) (1890 RD 90.4) (---- RD 350.0) (1783 RD 116.6) 
 Win: 1997 -20 1927 -28 
 Draw: 1805 -5 1750 -3 
 Loss: 1612 10 1573 22 
New RD: 264.0 89.2 256.1 113.8 

 Losers Atomic 
 MAd volcano MAd volcano 
 (---- RD 350.0) (1938 RD 115.9) (---- RD 350.0) (1877 RD 82.4) 
 Win: 2028 -35 1989 -17 
 Draw: 1827 -10 1798 -4 
 Loss: 1625 15 1608 9 
New RD: 273.0 113.5 261.7 81.5 

The lines of output for each game are:

 o The user's current rating and RD for that type of chess.

 o The rating change on a win for user1 (loss for user2).

 o The rating change on a loss for user1 (win for user2).

 o The rating change on a drawn game.

 o The new RD for each player.

In the above example, a Blitz Win for MAd would result in MAd's rating
changing +9 and volcano's rating changing -19; if volcano were to win the
Blitz game, this means a Loss for MAd, -7 points for MAd and +15 points for


 o In the case of an assessment of a game in progress, or a particular type
   of chess, only the information relevant to that game or type of chess will
   be displayed, the full display will NOT be presented.

 o If both user1 and user2 have bughouse partners, there will also be a
   display of possible bughouse outcomes and changes to ratings.

 o To show results for only a few game tyes, use only one '/' followed by the
   appropriate letters, as in: /lbs

 o The RD displayed for a player is the RD as revised since the player's last
   game of that rating type.


     displays the changes for the game you are now playing.
assess 23
     displays the changes for game numbered 23 currently being played.
assess MAd
     displays the changes for your current game against MAd.
assess MAd pgv
     display the changes for any game between MAd and pgv.
assess MAd pgv /b
     displays the changes for a Blitz game between MAd and pgv.
assess MAd volcano /sx
     displays the changes for a Standard and an Atomic game between MAd and


Atomic Blitz Bughouse Crazyhouse Lightning Losers RD Ratings Standard Wild


Created: 07 April 1997 Friar
Last Modified: 12 August 2007 mhill

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