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Usage: adjourn

The "adjourn" command sends a request to your opponent that your game stops
and is saved for later play.


Adjourned games are saved on the chess server. The "adjourn" request is used
in three situations during a chess game.

(1) You wish to adjourn the game for some reason. "Adjourn" sends a request
to your opponent that your game be adjourned. Your opponent can accept or
decline your offer.

(2) Your opponent has run out of time and you believe that a problem has
occurred with his or her connection to the chess server. Rather than "flag"
your opponent and claim a win on time, you can "adjourn" the game. In this
case the adjourn request is accepted automatically (a courtesy adjournment).

(3) If a proposal to adjourn is pending for you, then typing "adjourn" (or
"accept") will accept the offer.

Games that are adjourned can be resumed later when your opponent is logged on
by using the "resume" or "match" command. Use "stored" to view the list of
your adjourned games and you can "examine" adjourned games using the
"examine" feature. They can also be adjudicated by an admin (see
"adjudication"). For more information on these options, see "adjournments".

In order to help opponents of stored games contact each other there is an
automatic notification process when both are present on the server. You will
be notified automatically when (1) you log on and your opponent is already
on, or (2) you are on and your opponent logs on.


You can "resign" or ask for "abortion" even if your opponent is not online.


     adjourns a game or asks your opponent if the game can be adjourned if
     mutual consent is required :

                          Adjourn request sent.

     when opponent offered to adjourn:

   {Game 67 (MAd vs. Sandstrom) Game adjourned by mutual agreement} *

     when opponent offered to adjourn:

                    MAd declines the adjourn request.


accept       adjournments adjudication decline      examine      match        
pending      resign       sabort       stored       


Created: 2 April 1996 Friar
Last Modified: 23 May 2003 Sandstrom

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