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Welcome to JavaBoard, an easy to use interface for the American Free Internet Chess Server! The interface is currently being loaded. This may take a few moments, please be patient. If you have problems loading JavaBoard, please click here for some tips and known bugs.

When the FICS window opens, just type your user name and password to log on. If you have not registered at FICS, just type 'g' for your handle and leave the password blank. Click here to see a short tutorial for JavaBoard!

If you need help, you can send a message to the help channel by typing 'tell 1 [your question]' or email Please email for suggestions for future versions of JavaBoard or if you have comments about the interface in general.

Welcome to FICS!

If the bar at the top of the FICS window does not say 'JavaBoard 1.0.4beta' then click here for info about how to update to the latest version.

If your browser does not support java applets you can always connect to FICS through a telnet session or you can download an interface to connect with.

JavaBoard interface is especially geared towards new users. More experienced users may find downloading an interface to connect with a better option, as it will offer more features.