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Michael Moore, of the University of Utah, and Richard Nash recognized the potential of an Internet Chess Server and programmed its first version.
The official opening date of the ICS was January 15, 1992.
John Chanak, William Kish, and Aaron Putnam moved the server to a host machine at Carnegie Mellon University in the fall of 1992, and took over its operation.
From that original ICS has sprung FICS, the Free Internet Chess Server which now has over 100,000 registered users.

On January 15, 2002, in celebration of this event, FICS will be holding an Anniversary Tourney.
This tourney will consist of many events held throughout the day and a large number of titled players will be participating.


(GMT=PST+8 )

Championship Tourney: 10:00 PST
Titled player vs. titled player, time control to be a 5 0.
List of players

1st 250$
2nd 150$
3rd 100$

Download games
divanopulo's games annotated by Fritz 7 (courtesy of Icebox)

Thematic Tourney: 13:00 PST
Albin Countergambit Prize event.
Web Page: Gambitingly

Prize Event, visit the site for details 

Download games

Lightning Tourney: 11:00 PST
time control to be a 1 0

1st 50$
2nd 1 Chess Tie 


Bughouse Tourney: 17:00 PST
Grand Prix style time control to be a 3 0

Prize Fund 200$

O Results

Crazyhouse Tourney: 05:00 PST
time control to be 2 0

1st 1CD (Chess Informant n.82) 
O Final Standings
O Download all the games from the tourney
O Two tantheman games, annotated by himself

All the games from the tourneys will be carefully analyzed by ComputerAbuse, which has the right to disqualify players who play computer assisted.

Wijk aan Zee 2002: 04:00 PST
Live Relay

Simul: 07:00 PST garfunkel(FM)

Prize  Chess Tie

Simul: 19:00 PST Diesen(IM)

Prize  Free Lessons

Various other tourneys will be run throughout the day. There will be simuls run by titled players, as well as CA analysis on a submitted game by a FICSer that was published in a major magazine.
Many thanks to foxbat, who donated the 200 $ for bughouse, to www.gambitchess.com which donated the CDs for the Thematic, to www.chess.it which donated other 2CDs and the Chess Tie.

Please message frengo (on FICS), if you have questions, suggestions or criticism about this page.